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We put privacy first. We store the minimum amount of data for this product to function.

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You can start with the free version which allows you to generate up to 3000+ words a month!


You can choose which domains to activate the extension on. You have full control.




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  • Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with the free version you can generate 3000 words (including prompts).

When you purchase the free or paid version, you will receive a key by email. You can insert it in your Chrome Extension and voilĂ . Your extension is activated.

Please send us an email and we will cancel it for you immediately. We are still improving the product and soon there will be an easier way to do so!

Yes! You can generate blog content without leaving Wordpress editor.

Yes! Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, you can generate content directly in your favorite Social Media platforms.

Send us an email or chat with us by clicking on the chat icon. We'll make sure we get back to you ASAP.